Fried Green Tomatoes

Kochworkshop in englischer Sprache

Welcome to a Soulfood-Summer-Dinner: Soulfood – food cooked with love and soul, food which makes you feel good….let’s get together and check it out! And – while we`ll be cooking some of these delicious Afro-American dishes  – let`s have some easy-going English conservation, ok? Don`t worry - let’s “burn” andhave some fun. For preparing „Summer-Salad with Strawberries ”, “Chicken with Honey Mustard Crust”, “Real Southern Cornbread”, “Fried Green Tomatoes” and “ Billie’s Bourbon Balls”  we`ll be using  only original family-recipies from Alabama. This soulfood-menue  is perfect for a stylish celebration with friends or as a party-highlight! After „burning“ we’ll enjoy all that fine food, candle-light and wine, listening to some groovy R&B sound. You will get a Handout of all recipies in German translation. Die Gebühr beinhaltet Lebensmittelkosten von 18,- € und ein Script mit den Rezepten.
Bitte mitbringen: Scharfes Messer, Schürze, Restebox, Küchenhandtuch und gute Laune!

1 Abend, 07.07.2018,
Samstag, 17:00 - 21:30 Uhr
1 Termin(e)
Kathleen Canady
Schulküche in der Mittelschule, UG, Zugang über Franz-Senn-Weg,
Gebühr inkl. Lebensmittel:
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